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Cremation Services

We offer Direct or Cremations with a viewing service that includes visitation times. Depending on what you choose, there are also options for a memorial as well.

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Traditional Funeral Service followed by Cremation:

This time is set to provide family and friends with a comfortable space to get together and say their goodbyes while being in the comfort of those closest to them. At Celestial we are able to personalize this time to be as unique as your loved one with a memorial video, items, trinkets or displays that were important to your loved one, or simply memorial pictures displayed. We would love to work with your family to design the perfect gathering experience. This service would be followed by cremation. 

Memorial Service:

This service is conducted with the urn present in our chapel, a church, or venue of your choosing. This service may also include a memorial video, items, trinkets or displays important to your loved one. 


However, instead of in-ground burial, the funeral will be followed by cremation. Depending on your wishes, the cremated remains may be either returned to your family for storage in an urn/merchandise such as charms, scattered, or buried, This option will include fees for the funeral services as well as the fees associated with the cremation itself.

Graveside Services:

This service  often follows a traditional funeral but can also be the sole service chosen by the family

Please give us a call so we can create your custom package that meets your needs and answer any questions or concerns you may have during this difficult time.

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